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  • Jul 25

    Upper Valley Music Festival with Woman Songwriter Collective

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Christa Joy: Ready or Not

***Christa Joy wishes to thank her listeners and community of supporters!  She's currently hibernating in Western Mass with her husband and dog.  They are awaiting the arrival of their baby in March!***

Homey and bittersweet, Christa Joy's songs tell dreamlike and personable stories in an Oklahoma-back-porch style. Her honey-toned voice recalls Americana greats like Gillian Welch and Nanci Griffith.  Joy is a member of the Pioneer Valley's Woman Songwriter Collective of Western Massachusetts and has performed at notable folk venues throughout New England, including The Dream Away Lodge, Club Passim, the Iron Horse, and The Arts Block. 2014 is a big year for Joy: in addition to opening for Meg Hutchinson and Antje Duvekot, she is releasing her second full-length album, Daughter of Your Lost Art, which continues her exploration of perennial human themes like transience, facing loss, and discovering life.

Nationally touring musician Meg Hutchinson writes, "Christa Joy  has one of those voices that seems to emerge with effortless grace. As a performer her sincerity is enchanting. We know she means what she says, and she says it so well.  Her new album 'Daughter of Your Lost Art' confirms that she is an artist who has arrived."

***Christa Joy thanks the following wonderful people for kickstarting "Daughter of Your Lost Art" in 2014.

Thank you in no particular order to the following starry starlings:  Dorothy Bedecarre, Natalie Swope Greenhalgh, Grant Wicks, Shannon Ullrich-Keefner, Amanda Harrison, Barry Fisher, Matthew Skowron, Grinnan Smith, Tim Dunning, Johanna Haydn, Kristi Chadwick, Jesse Damazo, Allison R, Patti Downey, Mariah Haworth, Kurt Gunderson, Holly Henderson, David and Emily Cruz-Palmer, Dan Glenn, Katie Sachs, Karen Wartel, Fionn McCabe, Jenn Meeropol, Rachael Geyer, Tracy and Paul Kochanski, The Langone Family, Amber Ladley and Knack!, Cathie Schweitzer, Wendy Miller, Colleen Lewis, Lexi Weege, Laura and Marcus, Kinsey Kimera, Laura Nurzynski, the Mariani-Prall Family, Maria McMahon, Adam Gurvitch and Andrea, the Hinderaker family, Chi-Yun Kuo, Paul G, Liz Welsh, Dennis Kiley, Carolyn Walker, Larissa and Charlie, Michelle Sedaca, Rebekah Bassen, Peggy Reeves, Gabie Fulmer and Mary, Karen Shimmin, Alex Wang, Susan Handlen, Janice Ragland, Nell McCabe, the Van Geel Family, Jennifer Tomich DiNovo, Erin and Jane Reilley, Michael Stephens, Laurie Coyle, Christine Martin, Jan Burgemeester, Krissy Mazur Ferriter, Jillian Pastori, Myra Kate Vallianos, Burns Matt Pablo & Major Tom, Carol Brunnschweiler, Rick Pannemann, John Larkin, Deborah Lafferty, Sharon and Seth, the O'Day Family, Ann Marie Sicard, Sumner Bradley, Nate and Jen Zuckerman, the Veleta family, Nancy Sun, Colin Smith, Janine Mortan, Jessical Corwin, Annie Alcott, Debra Wong, Wil Cather, Aqil Khan, Jeet and Melissa Chattaraj, Jeff and Beth, Ms. Nicole, Bridget Lilly, Sandra Miller, JP Hitesman, Scott Cadwallader, Christine Jonas Labich, Crystal Ramirez, the Washington Family, Jackie D'Agostino, Elena Aubrey, Debbie Grover and family, LuLu Fisher, Joey K RockThunder, Elisa Salasin, Suzanne Rogers, Mary Ellen Kelly, Maryl Gearhart, Cornelia Pinchot and Matt Wilson, Ezra Small, Kristine Cortese and David Warner, Lisa Marie Ellingsen, Riley!, Mark Seibold and Elizabeth Peterson, Johanna Woo, Della Peretti, Parveen Sikder, Becky Jones, Tom McLaughlin, Ellen White, Josh McLaughlin, Eve Collins, Rob Douglas, Janice Robart, Jessica and David Monteleone, Beth Bringley, Helen Carpenter, Bob Gardner, the Guyette Family, Tim Ness, Ed May, Lucy Wainwright Roche, Orion Rigel Dommisse, Mary Tibbets-Cape, James Klein, Barbara Lynn, Stephen Miller, Danielle Connor, Fanny Rothschild, Stephanie Stucker McMahon, the Patti Benson family, Polly Brill, Bill Rathbun and Sara Kochanski.